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Applied Nutrition Science - Online course

Teaching Biochemistry to Ayurveda and medical students, as well as public health nutrition in our Ayurveda Dietetics course, made us realise a gap in education. While diet is acknowledged and in traditional medicine, even used as a primary intervention strategy, nutrition science per se is not covered in conventional medical syllabus. Ayurveda grads do not learn about food from a biochemical perspective and modern medicine doctors do not get exposed to diet recall and design strategies.

Presenting "Applied Nutrition Science", a 1 credit online course, specially curated for doctors who are completing their UG clinical internship.

Starting 3 June, on Mon, Wed, Fri from 6:30pm - 8pm,
with a final class on Saturday, 22 June.

Participants will be exposed to the topics from the perspective of everyday food decisions. Similar to our other courses in the Ayurveda Dietetics program, there will be games, assignments and quizzes to reinforce learning. Recordings of each lecture will be shared, but we encourage attending classes in person to take full advantage of our pedagogical style. There will be dedicated time for discussions and reading material to complement your learning.

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