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Internships Open @ Ayurveda Dietetics Program, TDU

Are you pursuing/ or completed a degree in nutrition and dietetics?

Are you interested in knowing more about food in Ayurveda?

If you answered YES,

apply for an internship with us to move your career forward!

Duration: Minimum of 2 months. On location. Hostel facilities available.

Cost*: Rs 5,000/ month

What will you learn?

  • How to plan diets that integrate modern and Ayurveda principles. 

  • Proficiency in utilising software for nutritional assessment.

  • Traditional food recipes and formats

  • Data management and analysis skills.

  • Communication skills [Talking, Writing, Digital]

  • Program management skills: how to organise and run training programs.

  • Practical experience in nutritional care for cancer patients in hospital setting.

About Us

The Ayurveda Dietetics Program at TDU is 4 years old. We offer courses and bespoke training to a wide variety of stakeholders in dietetics that seeks to combine modern and traditional nutritional concepts. Our audience ranges from school children to professionals like clinical dieticians. In research, we are engaged in a clinical study on dietetics for cancer patients as wells a documentation project on traditional foods of Karnataka. We are a small team of scientists, clinicians and dietician.


Dr Megha, with a brief CV and why you are interested in interning with us (in less than 100 words). Emails with only CVs will not get a response. Kindly write in your own words - AI generated text is not welcome!

*Negotiable on need basis.


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