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Are you are #BAMS doctor who is seeking answers about the next steps?

Before taking the plunge into an MD degree, consider if it aligns with your career goals. Perhaps, at some corner of your mind, you are toying with the idea of entrepreneurship, drug discovery in R & D or making policy. Maybe you want to go abroad or become a vaidya scientist.

Are you are #BAMS doctor who is seeking a future in healthcare that combines Ayurveda and modern biology?

The M.Sc. Life Sciences Program at TDU is pleased to present a webinar series to help early-career vaidyas understand their post-UG career options. Doing an MD need not be the only option, as our panel of distinguished speakers will demonstrate.

Come hear from Vaidyas who have all decided to practice Ayurveda but in very different domains and excelled in their professions. Learn about their career journey, skills needed in their domains and on what you can do to become like them. Each session will have ample time for QnA so you have a chance to ask the experts your doubts in person.

Sign up today to hear 8 amazing speakers!


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