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Exploring the glory of Thai traditional medicine

Author: Dipin V

4th Semester

MSc Life Sciences (Ayurveda Biology)

My first international trip to the land of smiles, Thailand was extremely wonderful right from the beginning to the end with lots and lots of memories. The aim of our trip was to explore the world of traditional Thai medicine. And we got many opportunities and experiences to know more about the  Thai traditional system of medicine.

One of the fascinating aspects of Thai traditional medicine which  influenced me is its close affinity with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. Shared terminology and concepts underscore the historical ties between these two traditions, revealing a cross-cultural exchange. From traditional massage techniques to herbal compresses and aromatic treatments,  each practice is carefully designed to promote physical well-being and  emotional equilibrium. Thailand’s traditional medicine is a rich tapestry woven  with the threads of ancient wisdom, cultural heritage, and holistic healing  practices. Rooted in a profound understanding of the interconnectedness  between mind, body, and spirit, Thai traditional medicine has stood the test of  time, evolving over centuries.

During our visit in Thailand for 1 week we witnessed so many amazing things;  from the cultivation of medicinal plants the way they are selecting the right land  for cultivation of right drug after analysing the buffer soil ,water pollution impressive ,their processing, preservation, manufacturing of medicine, quality control, extraction technique, making of different dosage form, hospital, clinical and pharmaceutical services for making Thai Traditional Medicine to  Main Stream.

We got a chance to visit Ministry of Public Health ,which was one  the great opportunities during our trip.. Ministry of Thai traditional medicine  comes under Ministry of Public Health, the director of the ministry gave us  detailed information about Structure of Public Health Policies (Equity, Accessibility and Quality - principles in policy making), the implementation of that  policies and the way they are providing health services to the public. Later he discussed about the acceptance and challenges of Thai traditional medicinal  practices .And also the ways they are trying to preserve the Thai traditional medicine culture. The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand had  implemented various health policies in order to protect the glory of Thai  traditional medicinal system is quite impressive.

I strongly believe that exploring Thailand's traditional medicine is not just a  journey into the past; it's an opportunity to witness a living tradition that  continues to evolve same as our system. As we look more into the practices and  principles, we gain not only a deeper understanding of holistic healing but also  an appreciation for the cultural tapestry that has shaped Thai society for  centuries and the way they are protecting the glory of their system.

In a world seeking balance and well-being, Thailand's traditional medicine  stands perfect by offering timeless insights into the art of healing and I strongly  believe we were blessed and lucky enough to experience some of the glorious  part of the traditional medicinal practices.

Discussing policies and its implementation

at the Ministry of Public Health


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