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Traditional Foods of Karnataka

Volunteer information. Be part of a cultural project to document foods eaten in Karnataka.

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The state of Karnataka is home to many diverse communities and cultures; each with their traditional foods. Moreover, festivals and rituals associated with these cultures are specific and unique. Each region of Karnataka has its own distinct flavour and food specialties. The coastal delights of Udupi and Mangalore, the aromatic cuisine of Mysore and the spicy fare of North Karnataka are very famous. The traditional food recipes are not just about nourishment; some also serve as home remedies. However, gradually, our traditional foods are losing their popularity and in some cases, being forgotten. It is crucial to document these dishes, preserve them for future generations, and make them easily accessible to the younger population.

The joint project between the Central Ayurveda Research Institute and Trans-Disciplinary University(CARI-TDU), funded by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) is an effort in this direction. We seek to document the traditional and cultural recipes across 22 locations in Karnataka. Our objective is to showcase 100 food recipes that are analysed from a nutritional as well as Ayurvedic perspective. Through these, we aim to highlight the deep-rooted connection between local food, health, and culture. The collected information on food recipes will be presented in the form of an e-book and shared with people through YouTube channels as videos.

To source recipes, we would like to speak with as many people as possible. This is a community project and we look forward to people participation!

If you belong to a community in Karnataka and are knowledgeable about traditional food, or know someone who is knowledgeable, please fill in this form.

We will use the information provided in this form for internal purposes only. We will reach out to you by email/ phone.

Contact information:

JRF- Sourabh Prabha ( +91 63644 48339

JRF- Vaishali Jadhav ( +91 63644 98339

Faculty Leads:

Dr. Megha ( & Dr. Subrahmanya (,

Dr Sulochana Bhat (CCRAS-CARI), Dr Shubhashree M. N. (CCRAS-CARI)


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