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Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Total Fee

Rs. 3000


45 hours, online

About the Course

No. of Credits: 3

Course starts:

24th February 2024


The 'Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change' is a 3-credit (45-hour) course designed for those interested in environmentalism, whether beginners or experienced individuals, offering a glimpse of contemporary relevance along with basic information to spark further exploration.

Throughout the course, we embark on a journey to grasp a profound understanding and glean real-life experiences surrounding the urgent issues of our time: environmental challenges, sustainability, and the ever-pressing specter of climate change.

We invite you to explore the interconnected world we inhabit. May this exploration foster a deeper understanding, kindle our environmental consciousness, and empower you to contribute meaningfully to the resilience of our planet.

Course will be every Friday 4.30 to 5.30 pm and Saturday 10-12 pm, total of 45 hours of theory online.

Certificate: Digital & ABC account

Course Eligibility

UG, PG and PhD students

Career Path

Credit gaining course

Contact Name

Dr. Chetan HC

Contact Email

For information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions page.

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