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Terminalia arjuna: since ancient time

Terminalia arjuna at TDU

Plant name: Kakubha, Terminalia arjuna

Location at TDU:

Between Patanjali block and Gargi block

Author: Bhuvana Aradhya G.R.,

3rd Semester, MSc LS (AB), TDU

In the heart of lush, rich forests of India, nestled among a myriad botanical treasures, we can see a tree that stands tall and majestic. Its name is Terminalia arjuna.

Terminalia arjuna at TDU

Commonly known as Arjuna, it has ancient healing wisdom intertwined with the natural world. This name pays homage to the legendary hero Arjuna from the epic Mahabharata, matches with the great qualities of his strength and valour due to its wide spreading canopy and strong roots.

As one ventures into our TDU Medicinal plant garden where Arjuna thrives, the first thing that captures the senses is its magnificent appearance. Towering upto 80 feet in height, it is an evergreen tree with a butter-stressed trunk with smooth grey bark that peels away in thin layers.

The sight of Arjuna’s wide, green leaves rustling in the breeze is a testament to its vitality. However, it’s not just its majestic presence that makes this species interesting.

Terminalia arjuna at TDU

The true magic lies within its medicinal properties. For centuries, healers and herbalists have turned to Arjuna’s bark to prepare decoctions by boiling the bark powder and capsules for easy consumption, which is believed to hold the key to a healthy heart. It benefits to support heart function, reduce cholesterol levels, and promote overall well-being.

The story of Terminalia arjuna is a reminder that the secrets of healing can be found in the embrace of nature. As we explore the world of medicinal plants, we encounter not only their physical attributes but also the stories and legends that have been woven around them for generations. In the case of Arjuna, it resonates with heroic spirit and offers solace and strength to those seeking wellness by embracing its significance.


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