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Beal; mythological and medicinal

Beal at TDU

Plant name: Bilva, Aegle marmelos

Location at TDU:

Between Nagarjuna block and Atreya block

Author: Debashis Rout.,

I am Aegle Marmelos, commonly known as Beal or Bealam. I have a three-pointed leaf that has inspired people to compare me to the trident of Lord Shiva or the three-headed demon in the Devil’s bible.

I’m also genetically unique, being the only species in my extended family of Aegle. I have many medicinal uses.

My leaves and fruits are used in gastrointestinal disturbances like nausea, diarrhea, and constipation management.

My prowess in helping with reproductive disorders in women is so ancient that I’m used by females as a lucky talisman for a healthy married life.

My fruit also makes a tasty refreshing juice in the summer.

I can grow in many environments, from wetlands to dry, cold deserts and in any kind of soil conditions. So why not grow me in your garden?

I am not only low-maintenance but also highly useful!


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