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Prabhashanam - An Ayurvedic Finishing School

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Short Term Certificate Course

About the Course

Course on Soft Skills of Ayurvedic Practices


‘Prabhashanam’ is a clinical orientation program for budding doctors, who are keen to practice Ayurveda. It is a venture of S.N. Pandit group, a well-known establishment in the field of Ayurveda, since 1928. We work with the motto, ‘अथ भूतदयांप्रति ‘ that is - dedicated to provide betterment in life.

Rationale for the course

Ayurveda currently is passing through a phase of global renaissance. Its growing popularity however is not matching with quality driven human resource development to meet the growing expectations. Lack of soft skills training in the educational institution is commonly observed. Several emerging new diseases posing challenges to the Ayurveda practitioners to understand from the Ayurveda perspective and provide effective, sustainable solutions. Necessity of in-depth study and understanding of the core principles of Ayurveda is very essential if we would like to address these challenges. Requirement of modern medical diagnostic knowledge is quite essential for an Ayurveda practitioner to provide considerable answers to the questions raised by patients. Emergency management in Ayurveda is a mandatory prerequisite for a successful clinical practitioner. The proposed course will enable the participants to learn these soft skills and do the Ayurveda practise confidently.

Program Objectives

1. Impart and educate, clinically oriented and applied aspects of ayurveda to students and practitioners

Exposure of Ayurveda students to various future prospective fields of interest

2. Critical analysis of common clinical conditions and its management in day today clinical practices both in allopathic and ayurvedic perspective

3. Roll a pill on your own, make a kashaya, learn some easy medicines which you can prepare in your kitchen and dispense

4. To equip practitioners with all required knowledge of clinical practice, to confidently practice ayurveda.

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Dr. Prakash BN

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For information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions page.

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