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Applied Nutrition Science - Online

Total Fee

Rs 3360


15 hours; 3 days/week; 4 June - 22 June

About the Course

"Without wholesome food, medicine will not work; with wholesome food, there is no need for medicine"

Paraphrased, from Vaidya Jivana by Lolimbraja, (16-17th Century AD)

Globally, there is an increase in non-communicable diseases and diet is an important risk factor in several of these. With increasing lifespan, there is also a desire to live a quality life, for which Ayurveda contains detailed advice. Despite overwhelming evidence, from clinical observations to scientific trials, regarding foods and diets to lead a healthy disease-free life, training for clinicians in diet design and counselling remains woefully inadequate.

  • This course is an introductory level offering to help clinicians combine aspects of nutrition, food science, Ayurveda, physiology, public health and dietetic sciences to better serve their patients.

  • For those interested in public health, it will help you see to the scope of nutrition for population level well being, especially traditional food concepts.

  • We will use research articles and new published studies to understand the evidence for select dietary guidelines. This will help gain confidence in reading papers in nutrition science.

  • The course will point you to web resources that will help with life long learning that you can use in your practice.


Learn how to deploy nutrition science for clinical practice


Specially designed for new medical graduates

Introductory offer for students.

70% OFF

Pay just Rs 1180*

*if you are amongst the first 20 sign ups

Click on link to register and pay: LINK

Course Eligibility

- Interns completing BAMS, MBBS, Siddha, Yoga [Preference]
- New graduates (less than 2 years) with BAMS, MBBS, Siddha, Yoga. Those pursuing PG courses are encouraged.
- Basic biology UG degree holders such a BS, BSc looking to broaden their understanding on nutrition science.

Career Path

  • For practicing clinicians, learn infomation that you can use to help your patients. 

  • Useful for those planning a career in functional medicine and public health. 

  • For knowledge seekers, begin a journey in nutrition science that is practical. 

Contact Name

Sonia Velarsan

Contact Email

For information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions page.

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