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Dr. CN Vishnuprasad

Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition

Dr. CN Vishnuprasad

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Ayurveda Biology of metabolic diseases, Glucose and Fat metabolism,
Ayurveda formulations and network pharmacology; Transdisciplinary concepts in biology

Dr. Vishnuprasad joined TDU in June 2014. He has a keen interest in transdisciplinary research and education in the area of ‘Ayurveda-Biology’ and Integrative medicines for human health and wellness. Vishnu’s professional qualifications include degrees in Microbiology (BSc) and Biotechnology (MSc) with a PhD in the area of cell biology and phytochemistry. He has several years of research and teaching experience at various institutes and Universities in India and South Korea. Vishnu is currently leading a team focusing on creating transdisciplinary knowledge framework between Ayurveda and Modern biology for delineating the complex biology of glucose metabolism with special focus on diabetes and obesity.

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