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ENVIS Resource Partner
on Medicinal Plants

It started in 2002 as node, Centre and now a Resource partner. Today, we see ourselves as a unique podium to Collect, Curate and Disseminate authentic Multi-Dimensional Information on Indian Medicinal Plants via communication media.


We contribute as resource partners in decision-making processes, in designing training module for Green Skill Development Program (GSDP) of MoEF&CC, provide information to Village Sensitization programs pertaining to medicinal plants and traditional knowledge.


Their website provides well referenced and researched information on Indian Medicinal Plants; and also via the mobile apps that have been developed The website’s statistics show 12.5 million hits every year.

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Indian Medicinal Plants Database

This database, developed by TDU-FRLHT with financial support from NMPB, incorporates 7263 botanical names, more than 1,50,000 vernacular names in ten different Indian languages & more than 5000 authentic images of Indian medicinal plants duly linked to the specific botanical entities.


The medicinal plant species included in the database have been compiled and arranged under the six Indian Systems of Medicine namely,

  1. Ayurveda ( 2559 botanical names / 1540 species )

  2. Siddha ( 2267 botanical names / 1149 species )

  3. Unani ( 1049 botanical names / 493 species )

  4. Homeopathy ( 460 botanical names / 372 species )

  5. Sowa-Rigpa ( 671 botanical names / 250 species )

  6. Folk ( 6403 botanical names / 5376 species )

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Herbal Treatment

Bio-Resource Information Center (BRIC)

This site is exclusively designed by TDU-FRLHT for people to know about Plant Wealth of Ayurveda (Dravyaguna Vignana) and applications for managing health and industrial applications.


This Plant Materia Medica site is carefully packaged with comprehensive information on medicinal plants with regard to drug name, Sanskrit Slokas, colorful images, an exhaustive list of botanical and vernacular names, properties and action, formulations, pharmacology information of selected plants. This is well referenced and search based. This site is specially designed for graduate and post graduate students of Ayurveda, academicians, researchers, physicians, and households etc.


The plants listed in the site are prepared based on consultation of various syllabi offered by various Ayurveda universities across the country

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