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Our Story

The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (TDU) sponsored by the FRLHT Trust, was legislated by the Government of Karnataka, in 2013. The University engages in research and education at the interface of Ayurveda and biology. It is equipped with research laboratories for phyto-chemistry, genetics microbiology, molecular, cell biology, and is involved with the management of a 100-bed research hospital called IAIM (Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine). It has specialized groups focused on building innovative programs related to community health, conservation of medicinal flora, animal health, human health (neuro-biology, metabolism, malnutrition, microbiome, holistic nutrition, specific clinical areas), medicinal plants informatics and digitization of medical manuscripts. The scope of the term Trans-Disciplinary as defined in the TDU Act also includes biomedicine, life sciences, social sciences, environment studies, design, architecture, performing and fine arts, engineering and management and policy studies.


Social transformation through innovation inspired by Ayurveda, Natural and Social Sciences and Technology.

Why TDU?

We introduce the value of multi-cultural and cross cultural knowledge without undermining it

TDU aims to provide learning opportunities, not based on one’s economic background but intellectual inquisitiveness. It offers opportunities to students with an interest and passion for learning, rather than just examination based ranking systems.

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Values We Treasure





Our Founders Message

Dr. Sam Pitroda

Innovation in University education is long overdue. In the 21st Century, Universities can no longer afford to continue to work with content and forms of education, that are over a century old. TDU seeks to be innovative in several ways. We view teachers as friends and mentors. 


Shri. Darshan Shankar

The Trans Disciplinary University (TDU) was founded to promote the generation of trans – disciplinary knowledge. Today the content of school and university education in India as in most countries is largely based on modern western cultural and intellectual traditions

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Our Mission

Inspire minds of students and faculty to design, participate and execute innovative Trans-disciplinary socially impactful research, education and outreach programs in Integrative Health Sciences and other fields of knowledge.


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Affordable, accessible and scalable solutions for unmet social needs

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Original knowledge contributions arising from interface of Traditional Knowledge and Modern Science