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What after BAMS? Seek new careers

career options after BAMS

Typically, for those interested in practicing traditional medicine, the linear educational path is a bachelors like BAMS, BUMS, BSMS etc followed by the respective PG degree. This leads to a career in medicine.

Did you know that there are more than 50,000 seats offered through NEET for UG degree in traditional medicine, but only 2,720 available through AIAPGET for a PG degree?

Even within a batch, the percentage of students who will successfully get a PG degree is mere 0.05%. This is will be lower if you take into account that unsuccessful UG students write AIAPGET again and again.

TDU has a program specifically for Ayurveda vaidyas who want to gain mastery in contemporary biomedical terms. The type of vaidya who loves Charak Samhita but also wishes they knew more about epigenetics. This program will open up many more different career options than an MD; like going abroad for a PhD, joining industry R & D and becoming a part of clinical research programs.

The M.Sc. Life Sciences (Ayurveda Biology) program is a 2 year PG program. But, for those with a professional degree like BAMS, there is an option to exit after the first year, with a PG Diploma.

Starting in September, this course is one way for BAMS students to gain confidence in contemporary biomedical terms and research methods.

Why drop one year preparing for entrance exams? Why not use your time more fruitfully?

Read more about the program and syllabus here.

Fill in this form to speak with a coordinator.

Hurry, offers for the first 20 admissions.


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