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M.Sc by Research - Food Science Technology and Innovation

Total Fee

Rs. 2,25,000


2 Years

About the Course

If you want to make a difference to everyday health and nutrition of the population by designing tasty food which will contribute to creating community livelihood and positively impact planetary health and environment then TDU's “Masters by Research in Future Foods - Science & Technology” will be the foundation stone. Curiosity driven learning which will make you stand out in the real job world.

As a student you will develop skill sets for being productive Food Researcher in Academic Institutes, Industrial R&D labs and Start-Up ventures by going through a uniquely designed “Learning by Doing” curricula. Emphasis on “Future Foods Courses” and using “Design Thinking” tools in identifying current gaps in knowledge and Consumer Pain Points and diligently exploring solutions makes our students productive in Food Science & Technology career. Successful scientific career is about joining dots of latest knowledge in high quality scientific journals, technology under development in Institutes/Ingredient Suppliers and Consumer Trends from trade journals and symposiums – your Research Project will ensure experience of scanning and reporting all these domains.

If you are wanting to create foods of the future by bringing together cutting-edge areas of molecular gastronomy, culinary sciences, microbiome, personalised nutrition with novel processing & food structuring techniques such as extrusion and homogenisation and connecting it all to to our traditional knowledge of food – This Course Is for You!!

Course Eligibility

Students from diverse backgrounds are welcome. Examples are bachelor's degree in engineering, data analytics, biological sciences, agricultural sciences, biotechnology, food science, nutrition, hotel management, etc.

The course is designed for students with an interest in new process development and product design in foods with consumer benefits in mind. The course is also designed for those interested in creating a food/beverage based start-up and these students will be guided to develop a pitch and a business proposal based on their research area.

Career Path

Graduates will be able to take on opportunities in the food and beverage innovation sector. They can seek employment in industry or work on creating their own start-up. Graduates can also apply for higher studies within India or abroad.

Contact Name

Mr. Ravi Kumar G

Contact Email

For information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions page.

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