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Dr. Abdul Kareem

Conservation of Natural Resource

Dr. Abdul Kareem

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Applied Ethno-botany, Medicinal plant Conservation, Forest resources and sustainable use, Education outreach activities

Conservationist & Ethnobotanist with 28 years of experience in medicinal plant conservation, community awareness and education. Ethnobotany, documentation and assessment of Local Health traditions.


Key member in the implementation of a National Program on Promoting Conservation of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Knowledge for Enhancing Health & Livelihood Security and National Project Manager for the GOI –UNDP – GEF medicinal plants project on mainstreaming conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plant diversity.


Faculty member in training and certifying over 300 village botanists across the country. He was also part of conducting School program and teacher’s training for more than 1000 government school students and 800 private school students on Biodiversity conservation.


Facilitated in conducting Conservation Assessment and Management Prioritization Workshops


In charge as an Associate Professor and Management of the M. Sc. Conservation Future program at TDU and guides M. Sc. Research and Ph.D. programs.


Facilitates in planning of Preparation of People’s Biodiversity Registers and Training of BMC members across India.


Part of National Mission on Biodiversity and Human Well-Being-Preparatory Phase Project-Under the Prime Minister’s Science Technology and Innovation Advisory Council of sub group – Medicinal Plants & Health Security.

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