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The Smart Protein Forum

TDU, Good Food Institute India and Brabender Germany come together to answer any questions you have on all thing’s protein -– protein alternatives, ingredients, nutrition, health, extraction, processing, extrusion, homogenization, baking, cooking, productization, consumer insights, business, sustainability.

This is a first of its kind ‘ask us anything’ Smart Protein forum in India.

  • Four panel discussions – one on technology & training, one on industry & business and a third on culinary & health, a fourth on inclusivity

  • A tour of the plant protein processing laboratory and pilot plant

  • A plant protein cooking session in the research kitchen where you will get to cook and taste some low & high moisture textured products.

Who should attend?

  • Industry & Start-ups

  • Chefs & Food Retail, Restaurants Operators

  • Students & Academics

  • General Public

Whether you have a deep technical question or a culinary curiosity - There is something for all.

When: July 28, Friday, 10AM to 4PM

Where: The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences & Technology

Please note: This event is free to attend.

Registration: Click here to register


Inauguration (10:00 to 10:30)

  • Welcome Address - Gurmeet Singh, Professor & Dean (Research & Outreach), TDU

  • Introduction to the ‘Smart Protein Forum’ - Padma Ishwarya, S., Science & Technology Specialist, GFI India

  • Inaugural Address - Niloo Srivastava, Scientist-E, Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India

  • Presidential Address - Darshan Shankar, Vice-Chancellor, TDU

Panel 1: Developing next generation plant-based products and building the smart protein talent pool (10:30 to 12:00)

  • Prachi Agarwal (Senior Manager & Smart Proteins Expert, BIRAC)

  • Niloo Srivastava (Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India)

  • Padma Ishwarya (Science & Technology Specialist, GFI India)

  • Debomitra Dey (Brabender USA)

  • Pritha Tripathi (Deputy General Manager, Sector Skill Council for Food Processing - FICSI)

  • Chandana Tekkatte (Science & Technology Specialist, GFI India)

  • Gurmeet Singh (Dean Research & Outreach, University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences & Technology)

Panel 2: Consumer and Category: the meat of the market (12:00 to 13:30)

  • Amit Chakrabortty (Head, R & D, Reliance Consumer Products Ltd)

  • Ashish Paradkar (VP R&D, Perfect Day)

  • Divya Saravana (Corporate Engagement Specialist, GFI India)

  • Ganesh Kumar (CFO, StringBio)

  • Chithra Nair (Director, Product Technology at Thinking Forks)

  • Suresh Ramamurthi (Chief Scientist, ITC)

  • Simeran Bhasin (Former Business Head, Alternative Proteins - Licious)

  • Vrunda Patel (Lead, Connected Innovations, R&D, Tata Consumer Products Ltd)

Panel 3: Flavor meets function: can plant based meat do it all? (14:00 to 15:00)

  • Chef Abraham Jacob (Designer of the Plant-based meat menu at Bangalore’s premium restaurant RCB Café)

  • Chef Harpawan (Executive Chef & Head Product development & Culinary Operations, ITC)

  • Chef Manjit Singh Gill (President -Indian Federation of Culinary Associations)

  • Chef Manjit Singh (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand )

  • Chef Thiru (Principal at WGSHA, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal)

  • Chef Nimish Bhatia Restauranreur, Culinare, Gastronomer, Maven & Consultant

  • Manoj Joshi (S&T and Clinicals Leader, Reliance Consumer Products Ltd)

  • Prasan Shankar (Director, Institute of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine)

  • Smitha Upadhyay (Health & Nutrition Leader, Unilever)

Panel 4: Inclusivity & Smart Protein (15:00 to 15:45)

  • Bharani Prasad Director Saisure Nutritions

  • Sandeep Sabharwal, Founder Sangachadvam Foundation

  • Nitaben Patel, Founder Sajeevan, Rajkot

  • Debee Prasad Mishra, CEO SEPL

Protein Processing Lab & Pilot Plant Visits Every Hour 10:00 onwards to 15:00

Kitchen Visits & Tastings Every Hour 10:30 onwards to 15:30

Download Flyer

Protein Summit July 28
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