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Advanced Web Development (Full Stack) in collaboration with

Total Fee

Rs 1179 (TDU) + Rs 399 per month (PF)


24 weeks (Recommended)

About the Course

Join the AI revolution!

TDU, in partnership with, brings a graded set of courses to learn foundational full stack development skills that will enable you to build Generative AI products.

The first course, Web development (WD) 101 will help decide if you have aptitude and would like to continue with the next set of courses. The remaining two, WD 201 and WD 301, will give the full set of skills that you are seeking to become a full stack web developer.

Web Development (WD) 101 - Getting started with JavaScript (Beginners)

By completing the WD 101 course, you will learn how to:

●       Set up your development environment.

●       Transform data with JavaScript.

●       Use computational abstractions.

●       Work with the HTML Forms.

●       Work on native HTML Form Validations.

●       Understand Web Storage for saving and retrieving data.

This course is offered free so as to help students assess if they would like to take WD 201.

Web Development (WD) 201 - Server-side programming with Node.js (Intermediate)

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

●       Build web applications using Express.js

●       Manipulate data using both imperative and functional programming techniques.

●       Model real-world systems using object-oriented design.

●       Write HTML & CSS to create elegant web pages.

●       Build database applications using Sequelize.

Recommended Duration: 12 weeks

Students are free to complete the courses at their own pace. Candidates who opt for university certification and credits, and complete WD 201 will receive 6 credits.

Web Development (WD) 301 - Front-end development with React & TypeScript

By the end of the course, students are expected to:

●        Be able to create Single Page Applications (SPA) using React.

●        Be able to build robust UIs using the statically typed programming language TypeScript.

●        Get better at styling web applications using Tailwind CSS.

●        Understand typed state management that is in line with the backend data model.

●        Understand the best practices followed in industry for production grade applications.

Recommended Duration: 12 weeks

Students are free to complete the courses at their own pace. Candidates who opt for university certification and credits, and complete WD 301  will receive 6 credits.

Application Process:

Applications are available on the website of Pupilfirst. The fields in the form are those that are required by the National Academic Depository that houses the Academic Bank of Credits and it is therefore mandatory to fill out this application form if you would like certification and credits from TDU. Completed application forms along with applicable course fees will have to be submitted online.

Course Eligibility

This is a lifelong continuous learning/ upskilling/reskilling course that does not have any eligibility criteria, other than interest and aptitude. Anyone can take these courses at any time during their career. TDU provides certification and credits that are stored in the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC). We recommend you to take WD101 to get a flavour of the course and get you started with WD 201. Eligibility for WD 301 is completion of WD 201.

Career Path

By completing these courses, students would have the requisite knowledge to contribute their skills as a full-stack web developer, and also possess the foundational skills to build applications using GenAI.

Contact Name

Vocational Education Cell

Contact Email

For information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions page.

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