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Mr. Somashekhar B S

Conservation of Natural Resource

Mr. Somashekhar B S

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Conservation, Climate Change, Forest Phenology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Cultural Ecology, Indigenous Food Traditions, Environmental Behaviour

As an Ecologist and Plant conservation Biologist, I am interested in understanding the intricate and diverse associations and affiliations forged between plant biodiversity and human societies over several centuries, for shaping each other’s lives – food and medicine, human dependency, plant dynamics, ecological systems, landscapes, threats, community traditions, conservation, and global trends including Anthropocene and Climate change. In the process, I pursue different approaches and initiatives – Medicinal plants conservation, Forestry, Population Ecology, Health traditions, Local communities, Nature-Culture, Cultural Ecology, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Environmental communication, and Conservation Education while engaging with the overall cause of Biodiversity Conservation.

I have attempted to understand and assimilate the know-how from both Conservation Science and Social Science perspectives, trying to get benefitted from the wisdom of these two knowledge streams.

Over the last 30 years, beginning from the Centre for Ecological Sciences at Indian Institute of Science, and continuing with FRLHT and TDU, I have been associated in designing and executing various prestigious conservation action and research projects of national and international significance, collectively and independently, across different landscapes in the country.

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