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Dr. T P Sethumadhavan

Ethno-Veterinary Science and Practice

Dr. T P Sethumadhavan


Research Interests

Research on Ethno veterinary studies, Phytochemicals, One Health, FPOs, Climate resilient agriculture, Technologies Entrepreneurship, development communication, skill development, content development, Veterinary and agriculture extension

Pioneer in multidisciplinary research, external collaborations, procurement of external aided projects and academic writer and reviewer. He held different positions including Director, Entrepreneurship, Director, Distance learning programmes and Head Publications of the University. Dr. Sethumadhavan is a Visiting Scientist at Smithsonian institution, Washington DC, University of Reading, UK and University of Dundee, Scotland Dr. Sethumadhavan is the Consultant to World Bank, International Co-operative alliance, NSDC and State Planning Board. He is a renowned education and career consultant in the country.

Dr. T.P. Sethumadhavan has more than 33 years of experience in project management, implementation, documentation, impetus studies, extension, technology, entrepreneurship and research in agriculture and allied sectors.  He was involved in different levels in the areas of projects related to One Health, Ethno Veterinary Research, startups, climate resilient technology, sustainable agriculture, post-harvest technology, market led production, agriculture information systems, knowledge dissemination, livelihood support, etc. He worked with National and international level agencies like Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, ULCCS, AH Dept, Kerala, co-operatives and associated with foundations including NABARD, NABCONS, World Bank, ADB, COP, UNCTAD, ICA, Melinda & Gates Foundation, Infosys foundation, Tata trust, etc. He is also a farm journalist & columnist in leading medias focusing on farmer-based issues in the print, electronic and social media. He has written 44 books on agri and allied sector.

Published more than 44 scientific articles and 10000 popular articles.

He did pioneering projects in the areas of skill development, food processing and entrepreneurship in association with different ministries which include Ministry of Entrepreneurship & Skill development, Food processing industries, NSDC, etc. He worked both at regional, national and international levels for different international funded projects to achieve sustainability in agriculture.

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