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Dr. Subrahmanya Kumar

Ayurveda Biology and Holistic Nutrition

Dr. Subrahmanya Kumar

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Pharmacognosy and Pharmacology of medicinal plants. Substitutes for rare and endangered medicinal plants. Rejuvenative medicines of Ayurveda

I am working to establish substitutes for rare & endangered medicinal plants (Abhava-Pratinidhi Dravyas) based on Ayurvedic tatva (philosophy), shastra (science) and vyavahara (practice) and traditional quality standards for Indian medicine. I am also deeply interested to contemporize Ayurvedic concepts of food and nutrition, rejuvenator drugs of Ayurveda (Rasayana). I am also actively involved in the researche on medicinal plant conservation and their sustainable use. 

Interested to engage with designing and executing innovative research, educational and outreach programs related to:

1. Attempts to solve the controversial identity (including adulteration and substitution aspects) of medicinal plants

2. Wellness, rejuvenative medicine of Ayurveda

3. Conservation of medicinal plants under threat

4. Probiotics and nutraceuticals derived from traditional medicine

5. Basic concepts of Ayurveda pharmacology including pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of plant drugs

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