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Dr. Prasan Shankar

Community Health, Clinical Research and Education

Dr. Prasan Shankar

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Ayurveda Physician, Ayurveda Biology, Clinical Research

Dr. Prasan Shankar is an Āyurveda Physician working in the Rasayana tantra (Geriatric) unit at the Institute of Āyurveda and Integrative medicine ( I-AIM)-TDU. He treats various neurological and neurodegenerative disorders like strokes and parkinsonism, arthritis spectrum disorders, supportive and complementary cancer care, supportive cardiac care and other age related problems. He has an interest in doing research around practice and is involved in research related to Āyurvedic management of neurological disorders, cancer and is currently involved in various research projects. He has an M.D in Pañcakarma  from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. He is currently the Medical director at Institute of Āyurveda and Integrative medicine(I-AIM)-TDU.

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