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Visit and discussions at Abhaibhubejhr Hospital

Author: Swathi R Hegde

MSc Life Sciences (Ayurveda Biology)

4th Semester

During our trip to Thailand, we visited the Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital where we learnt how the concept of Evidence Based Medicine has been given importance and is promoted for its practice in Thailand. We also learned about the integration of Allopathic and Thai traditional medicine in the hospital in a very coordinated manner.

During our discussion, we also discovered that the Thai traditional knowledge is being utilized for formulating various single and polyherbal proprietary medications; some of which have replaced the allopathic compounds for specific disease conditions. It was fascinating to learn that, at Abhaibhubejhr hospital, they provide antenatal care packages which include external and internal therapies along with the provision of sending the special dietary meals to the mothers.

To be precise, the visit and discussions at Abhaibhubejhr Hospital was my best memory and learning in Thailand.  Dr Theerathejh gave us interesting insights on Thai traditional medicine and dietary practices. His knowledge in Ayurveda added more interesting relations between Ayurveda and Thai traditional medicine. In total, it was really a great experience in Thailand


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