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Varmam Therapy: Diploma course

Reflection from completion of the 3rd Batch
Ms. Veni Balan, Senior Research Associate, TDU and Course Coordinator

Once again, the Varmam Gurukulam of VKRC for the contact sessions had a lifetime impact on the students of the TDU's Varmam Therapist Diploma program immersing them in wonderful memories.

It is a great moment for TDU and VKRC, the Knowledge Partner for Varmam, that we succesfully completed the 3rd batch of Varmam Therapist Diploma without any hindrance.

The contact classes filled with hours of practice, and knowledge sharing relevant to the subject. Students as volunteers were given responsibilities and various roles to share knowledge that would be value addition and also a way of exploring their own qualities.

Mr Arul Kumar from Kambam as one of the resource person who shared the intense knowledge of Varma Kattumurai, demonstrating and making the students practice the Kattumurai methods that can be used without a second thought while doing the Varmam Treatment for several bone, muscle joint injuries including, sprain, minor dislocation, hairline fractures, etc.

Dr. Suresh Kumar who taught the students the Sarvaanga Thadaval for the students and enriched them with the knowledge of how this would help clients in rejuvenating during treatment.

Mr Saravanan A K, Mr Pramod Renugunta, Mrs. Udaya Renugunta, Mr Mohanavel, Mr Kathiravan, Mr. Muthu Kumar, Mr Devendran demonstrated Mei Paadam, Silambam and Kalari of various methods. Aasaan Sri Ramesh Babu and Mr Saravanan also demonstrated the use of Parai in the Varmam method of treatment.

Time spent with the University heads, Course Coordinator, Sub Registrar was another value add where students could exchange their thoughts and insights about the program, feedback regarding the session and about the expectation and outcome of the sessions.

To top it all, patriotic moment was also interwoven with the memorable independence day celebration with our students sharing their thoughts on independence.

It was an overwhelming moment to part from the participants but for them to explore the magical tool that they have in hand and spread happiness in many more lives they touch through Varmam.

To learn more about the course, visit here.


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