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PG Diploma in Ayurveda Biology

The exam cycle in Indian colleges and entrance exams are not aligned at the PG level. Students sometimes are in a situation where they can't start the next degree right away. This is frustrating. For a student, it can feel that their career is not moving and they have to lose a year for no fault of theirs.

This is why we created the PG Diploma in Ayurveda Biology. Specially designed for medical graduates, this course bridges the gap between fundamental biology and clinical science.

For a medical student subjects like Biochemistry is just a set of pathways. How do these connect with physiology? Today, CRISPR technology is set to revolutionise diagnostics and therapy - how does it work? Data science and AI are going to change the way humans interact with doctors, how drugs develop and personalise medicine - how can you integrate this into your practice?

To answer these questions, you need a good background not just in basic subjects such as molecular biology, genetics but also computational biology, bioinformatics and learning to code.

Another advantage of the course is the understanding you will gain on medicinal plants, ayurvedic drug logic and treatment fundamentals. Your patients will seek pluralist treatment options - this course will help you understand the basic in Ayurveda to better address questions from your patients.

Use the PG Diploma course to springboard into a new and fascinating world with our immersive pedagogy, beautiful campus and assessments that test concepts not rote learning!

Turn your disappointment of losing a year into a year that changes your destiny.

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