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The Japan Training Summer Program - Varsha KP (MSc LS AB Student)

There, we held a ceremony for our entire summer program's inauguration and orientation. After that, we traveled to UNU-IAS OUIK in the afternoon.

The following morning at 8:50, we left the hotel and headed to Shiramine village, one of the most stunning spots we visited in Japan. All around Japan, especially in this town, manners like politeness and respect were strongly ingrained. It had around 800 residents and was a really lovely community. At Shiramine, we started with an orientation session taught by the Boss about the culture, biodiversity, and other amenities.

After that, we learned more about Hakusan National Park, and then we visited a scientific museum. We visited the Ishikawa Prefectural Hakusan Roku Folklore Museum after lunch and received training for producing straw goods there. We developed skills outside of the classroom thanks to those activities.