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Online course: Making sense of dietary guidelines

ICMR-NIN has released a new set of guidelines for Indians.

This edition departs from previous editions in several thoughtful ways. The display and communication is more friendly to lay people, plus the guidelines are easy to follow.

If you are a doctor, how can you use it to better outcomes for your patients?

Consider this graph...

  1. Ghee is not vegetable oil! It comes from animal fat.

  2. Commonly used oils in homes: sunflower, rice bran, groundnut, mustard.

  3. Commonly used oil in majority of eateries and junk food: Palmolein.

  4. For vegetarians, getting n-3 PUFAs is tough, as the best source for it is fish. And if you are not used to it, making mustard oil the default in your home is difficult because it is pungent. What to do?

It's to understand and address these questions, that we have created a 1 credit online course



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