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Learn Ayurveda Food Concepts

If you grew up in an Indian household, the use of spices, certain food combinations for festivals or rituals would be part of your diet. Yet, today, you may have moved continents, travelled and eat a variety of foods that were not part of your traditional diet. Food systems have further irrevocably altered what we eat, such that even without travel our diets have changed in just a generation.

Then, how are traditional food concepts, developed before a refrigerator or our understanding of microbes or nutrients relevant today? Perhaps, we can go even further and ask, are they relevant today?

Our "Introduction to Ayurveda Dietetics" course is a way to delve a bit more into this subject. We were motivated to present this course because of the large amount of disinformation in the Ayurveda space about foods and medicine.

In our course, you will receive an introduction to terminologies that describe food. These are Sanskrit terms, elaborated in classical texts and provide a framework to define a food ingredient. Next, we go down the Ashta Aahar Viddhi Kalpana (8 principles) describes in Charak Samhita. At each step we discuss the Ayurveda and modern point of view. There is little to no evidence for many of the Ayurveda concepts that are described. Yet, the description is vivid and something each of us would have experienced. It's hard to write off entirely. Finally, we discuss how the framework can be applied in metabolic and mental health.

This course is for knowledge seekers who wish to anchor themselves academically in their pursuit of food ideas in Ayurveda. It started primarily for nutritionists and dieticians, but today counts engineers, yoga instructors, foodies and homemakers as participants. Join this community today. Ayurveda for modern diets!

Our next batch is from 19 Jan - 1 Feb. More details here or Call + 91 79756 51724


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