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Join the TDU Community: Experience Our Campus First-Hand!

Attention BAMS, BSc, Yoga, BVSc, and MBBS graduates! Are you looking for a premier PG program in life sciences to accelerate your career journey?

Look no further than TDU-The University of Trans-disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology!

Whether you're a student or a parent, we welcome you to join us on an enriching campus tour.

Our serene and verdant campus, replete with medicinal plants and advanced laboratories, a sprawling research kitchen and many more facilities, is waiting to be explored and discovered by you!

Don’t miss your chance to find out if our unique PG program- M.Sc. Life Sciences with Ayurveda Biology is the treasure that you seek.

Meet with our esteemed faculty, post the tour, and learn more about our M.Sc. Life Sciences (Ayurveda Biology) program.