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Exploring the Treasures of Thai Traditional Medicine: A Journey of Discovery

Author: Renuka

MSc Life Sciences (Ayurveda Biology), 4th Semester

My very first international study trip led me to Thailand, opening doors to a new world of knowledge and culture. The trip was centered around Thai traditional medicine, a field deeply intertwined with Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing.

As Buddhism spread from India to Thailand, it carried with it the principles and treatments of Ayurveda. These principles merged with Thailand's local healing traditions, giving rise to Thai traditional medicine. This fusion highlighted the universal applicability of Ayurveda and deepened my appreciation for its practices, which have the potential to benefit a global audience.

One of the fascinating aspects of our trip was gaining insights into how history, notably the epic Ramayana, is interpreted differently in Thailand compared to the Indian perspective. This revelation expanded my understanding of cultural diversity and the multiple ways in which stories and traditions are handed down through generations.

Our exploration extended beyond traditional medicine to public health policies.  Thailand is the world's largest Ministry of Public Health, and remarkably, over 90% of its population enjoys the benefits of universal health coverage. This success story shed light on the need for accessible and inclusive public health systems to address the healthcare needs of a nation.

The warm hospitality of the Thai people made the trip exceptional. Their inclusiveness and respect for all systems of medicine left a lasting impression on me. It was a journey of discovery, not just into the world of traditional medicine but also into the hearts and minds of the Thai people, and for that, I am truly thankful.

Above all, this study trip reaffirmed the importance of exchange programs and study trips in broadening our horizons. They provide invaluable exposure to the world and encourage us to think more openly about global healthcare needs. I'm immensely grateful to TDU and the organizers for making this journey possible.


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