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Ayurveda Culinary Workshop Series Workshop 1 -Cooking Rice


Saturday, April 08, 2023

10:00 am to 01:00 pm

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"If food is right, no medicine is needed." – Charaka Samhita

Covid was a strange time - a disease that was new on planet earth and one that no doctor knew how to treat. We had no medicine for it. Most of us realized that the only weapon we had in our kitty was food. Eating right and eating healthy offered us the best chance to survive. In our university we started deliberating on what eating right means. Is 'eating right' the same for everyone or we need a personalization of food. What are the principles of personalization? And what are the cooking practices we need to follow? What role does food play as a preventive - in staying healthy? Could eating right help overcome common deficiencies too? Could it prevent the epidemic of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes & cardiovascular health? Could it help protect against infectious diseases?

We dug into classical texts of Ayurveda, modern nutrition science, and read scientific papers on emerging areas of microbiome, nutrigenomics & nutrigenetics. We curated recipes from classical Ayurveda texts spanning 3000 years to deconstruct them and understand the underlying principles. Our work led to creating one of the largest databases of food ingredients and recipes covering modern food properties as well as Ayurveda properties. And we created a state-of-the-art kitchen to start cooking the recipes from the pages of classical texts so that we could taste them, deconstruct them, and scientifically study them. One of the outcomes of these 3 years of deep study is our Ayurveda Culinary Course - nearly 200-hours of content on the principles & practices of personalized cooking in Ayurveda.

We now bring this course to you in small packets of 4-hour cooking workshops on various topics.

Our First Workshop : Cooking Rice

Ayurveda Culinary Science of Rice Cooking to Nourish Body and Mind

The workshop will introduce you to the different varieties of rice in Ayurveda - shastiika, shali, vrihi and their subtypes - the Ayurvedic properties of each variety, and their benefits. We will discuss the rice recipes in Pathya - the Ayurveda Dietetics. We will don our aprons and step into the TDU Kitchen and bring the recipes from the past to life as we cook a 3000 year old recipe from Charaka Samhita, a ninth century recipe from Vagbhata's Ashtanga Hridaya, a recipe from the 16th century text Bhojanakutuhalam and more.

The workshop will end with lunch where we eat what we have cooked and exchange notes. Over lunch we will also talk about the origins of rice plant and how its journey from a wild grass to the most consumed cereal in our diets. We talk about the environmental challenges around rice cultivation, health concerns around rice in modern diets and we will also throw light on conservation efforts that some NGOs are doing to preserve the traditional varieties of rice and taste some heirloom varieties.

Through this culinary journey we will introduce Ayurveda Culinary Principles that you can start practicing in your kitchens.

Download brochure:

Download PDF • 18.78MB

Location: TDU Scientific Kitchen, TDU Campus, Bengaluru-64

Fee: Rs. 590/- (including GST)

Hurry ! Limited spots available (20 participants only)

For more details contact: Dr. Shridevi Gothe

Mobile: 8951525526 | Email:

Stay tuned for dates of our upcoming workshops:

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Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to cook rice that nourishes both your body and soul!

RSVP today and join us for a transformative cooking experience.

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion, a recipe booklet with Ayurvedic rice recipes to take home, and delicious rice variety to enjoy


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